Having pets has been increasingly popular in recent years. Pets are now more than simply animals; they are confidants and friends. But how do you bathe and care for your pet properly? Let's read the article below to learn more!

Bathing pets at home, should or should not?

Pets, unlike humans, do not have sweat glands on their skin. Bathing dogs and cats in cold temperate areas since it dries the skin and reduces the gloss of the coat. Particularly for cats. However, if you live in areas that have hot or rainy weather conditions, it is advised to clean and bathe your pets.

Why should you bathe your pet?

The dirt in the air, along with the hot and humid conditions, will cause the pet's coat to stick and clump. This is both ugly and allows parasites such as ticks and bugs to thrive and attack the skin of dogs and cats, resulting in dermatological illnesses.

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Another reason is that dogs' heat tolerance is substantially lower than humans' since dogs have a high body temperature in general. As a result, if you do not bathe and clean the dogs' hair on a regular basis, they will grow uncomfortable.

How often should you bathe your pet?

For dogs

Dogs are water-loving creatures. Dogs, on the other hand, do not need to be bathed as frequently as humans. The frequency with which you bathe your dog is determined by weather, habitat, and coat type. A dog who lives in a cool, temperate area and is not frequently exposed to sand and dirt will not require much bathing. Pay close attention to their fur condition if the temperature is hot in the summer.

Babies with silky hair who do not have dermatological disorders should not bathe too frequently. Once a week is a reasonable frequency. Because regular bathing and chemical use will cause your dog's coat to become frizzy and dull. Bathing more frequently, twice a week is especially important for the Poodle - an oily dog breed. Alaska, Husky, and Golden, for other examples, have thick coats so you should brush them before bathing so that the loosened hair does not become tangled and shed excessively.