The beginning of a new year always has special significance and goes with it, the first dishes eaten on New Year's Day also have many interesting meanings in different countries. There is a special dish with auspicious meanings in every country around the world to welcome the new year. Come with us as we will discover them in this article.

Spain - 12 grapes

Spaniards will eat 12 grapes at each bell beat on New Year's Eve when the clock chimes 12 hours to signal the new year. They believe that if they do not consume all of the grapes, they will have bad luck in the coming year. Each grape's flavor will be a harbinger of each month of the year. If the grapes are sweet, the person eating them will have a lot of fortune and luck, but if they are sour, it is a bad omen.

spain new year dishes 12 grapes - new year dishes

Mexico - Tamales

Tamales are a traditional Mexican cake made of cornmeal that is filled with meat, cheese, and other ingredients before being wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed. They are typically made for special Mexican holidays such as New Year's. Tamales aren't difficult to make, so everyone in the family can help wrap the cake. Many families also give Tamales as New Year's gifts to friends, relatives, and neighbors. In the New Year's Day meal, this cake is frequently served with Menudo soup or hominy soup.

mexico new year dish tamales - new year dishes

Korea - Tteokguk

Tteokguk, or rice cake soup, is a must-have dish for the Korean New Year. If you do not eat Tteokguk on New Year's Day, you are not considered one year older because eating Tteokguk means "eating" another year. Many Koreans will also ask your age by asking how many times you've eaten Tteokguk. 

This dish is made with stewed beef bone broth, cooked with traditional Korean spices, and sliced rice cakes. Long ingots of rice must be used to cook soup, symbolizing longevity. Because both rice cakes and beef bone broth are white and have a frugal flavor, this dish also represents purity, with the meaning of aiding in the purification of one's body and soul.

korea new year dish tteokguk - new year dishes

El Salvador - Raw Eggs

El Salvadorans have a unique New Year's Eve custom of breaking a raw egg into a glass of water and leaving it by the window overnight. Wait until the next morning to see if everyone's egg yolk looks like a harbinger of a prosperous new year or not.